Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"You don´t 'take' a photo, you 'make' it. "Lynn Goldsmith

Check out the beautiful Viennese production photographed by Julie Brass.

Special thanks to mondialmode.com!

photography: julie brass
assistant: alex dietrich
model: carla/stellamodels
makeup/hair: almira avdyli
styling: kate perhab in collaboration with mondial

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Life continues, willing or not. Even if everything seems to consists of emergency compromises, better to view it as temporary solutions. Kate´s Avenue led, temporary, to the 19th Viennese district. Riding on a bike on woody avenues while inhaling a warm autumn breeze, chilling on a lounge chair facing the huge lofty window front can help undergoing situations with more ease. Mind can change thoughts, but sometimes you need to alter your circumstances to perceive a new perspective.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I owe you my last report from New York. It was exciting than ever.

On my very last evening I was luckily invited by Kristin Petrovich, the founder of själ skincare, to her blogger lounge at the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel in Meatpacking. While tasting Cocktails and Sushi the NY blogger scene was pampered by skincare treatments, experiencing the precious textures enriched by eastern-western bio-osmotic energy through precious minerals and gemstones, like gold, silver, platinum, ruby, sapphire etc. Its definitely worth to try if you want for your skin a holistic luxury skin care, with only the most precious and the highest concentration of purest ingredients for a beautiful, clean and young skin. I am totally addicted to the pure, modern and pastel-colored packaging...My new bathroom, no idea where, but will love it. Not yet available in Austria but you can either shop online or in Germany.
Every morning and evening during daily beauty routine my new själ balance cleanser makes me look back on my wonderful very last night in NY...me, in my long orange Moroccan dress...

själ skincare

Unforgettable, my last dinner at the best (!) DINER in Brooklyn with my beloved German NY-friends, who will always be in my heart and made my stay just awesome.

Concluding, I am deeply happy about MY New York experience, where some of the cliches were proven true, some of them not at all.
Back home, no more rooftops, no more fancy gallery openings, no more 6th floor walk-up, no more morning coffee at Joe´s, no more ommmm at Jivamutki with Dechen Thurman, no more 20$ Sauvignon Blanc, no more kindness on the streets... BUT?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Though it seems having disappeared the past days I was literally "on the avenue" day and night. Had an exciting girls week in the city. It started with a Cosmopolitan at the Soho House in Meatpacking and ended up yesterday with a sunny Sunday walk on the High Line where we saw Lizzy Jagger checking out at The Standard Hotel at noon.
The Soho House, Meatpacking District, Manhattan
The High Line, view from The Stardard Hotel.

In New York I was healed from my weekly Monday blues ("I don´t like Mondays" follows and accompanies me since my very first day at school). Heading to the Apple Store this afternoon I passed a line of hip-hop guys along two blocks at least, all lining up at the Adidas Original Store. Me in my pale legs awaiting within the bold NY street style crowd, rapping on the street and awaiting for "a famous US rapper from Def Jam signing autographs", so the security guys advice...
Who is that guy?
Big Sean in the Big Apple, celebrating the upcoming release of his debut album!
Live street rap
Afterwards I enjoyed the evening sun by having a refreshing Chardonnay at Jimmy, the pool rooftop of the James Hotel.
Jimmy @ The James Hotel in SoHo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When I left Miami on my girls trip in February this year, I would never ever have thought being there that soon again. Even though my journey to NY started kind of there...
Enjoyed the sun too much yesterday, now I have the back and legs of a lobster. Awful. Unfortunately have to skip the beach and the sun today. Hence, I will spend the day under the shadow entirely coated sipping an iced latte...You have to make the best out of it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The rooftop season started in NY. Yesterday I had the chance to see the NY Premiere of The Dish and the Spoon at Rooftop Films. It was a very intimate story, emotional, true, intense with the touch of the lightness of a magical dream. The setting, a seaside town in winter, sad but charming. The character and their performance (Greta Gerwig and newcomer Ollie Alexander) real and extraordinary brilliant.
Director Alison Bagnall and indie starlet Greta Gerwig were there in person for a Q&A after the show.

The open air screening on that graffiti rooftop on Lower East Side in Manhattan was just magical on that chilly Friday night...

Actress Greta Gerwig, Filmmaker Alison Bagnall, AD & Founder of Rooftop Films Mark Elijah Rosenberg

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Penelope Cruz on US Vogue Jun 11 Cover by Mario Testino, who just passed by in SoHo, NY. Unmistakable, his healthy sun-glow...

US Vogue June 11
Before, Joel Madden hanging out with his daughter and friends from LA at popular Café Gitane on Mott Street.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Its Memorials Day Weekend, unofficially the start of summer in the States. For me an 'ordinary' and 'unexciting' NY day, just having lunch in my favorite Cafe Minerva in West Village (displaying Brian Hamills pictures - NY based photograph legend), where I will spend the afternoon revising my beloved aunt´s master thesis. Woody Allen (his latest movie 'midnight in paris' already in theaters) keeping an eye on my work...
Cafe Minerva 304 West 4th Street, NY

Monday, May 23, 2011


Bill Cunningham New York Documentary is out now.
Just two things I would like to add:
'Money is cheap, freedom is very expensive', Bill Cunningham.

Get to see that movie and stop talking about fashion!
Bill Cunningham New York by Richard Press

Sunday, May 22, 2011


After a too short night I decided to take advantage of the sunny morning, after 7 days constant rain in town, to make a "trip" to Brooklyn. Williamsburg is definitely over-hyped, its more like a construction oase for new apartments, between some basic vintage stores adorned by a kind of trashy arty crowd and of course weekend tourists, like me. Having been now entirely in Manhattan the past weeks I liked that subtle suburb feeling and the partial hilly streets.
NY´s Credo: Home Made. Everything you smell, eat, drink, touch...its simply home made: get a home made ice cream, self knitted lambs wool cabs, home made body lotion, home made pastries... Image the young arty new yorker sitting at home baking, knitting, cooking, harvesting - the new farmers of today! My dear grandparents, I spare you that!

Bakeri Brooklyn

...and true home made sweeties on East River facing the Manhatten skyline made my day!

Monday, May 16, 2011


The renowned ICFF started on Saturday at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Had the chance to get exclusively an exhibitor pass! That´s the great thing about New York, every second can bear a new true chance...Et voilà here are some impression, starting with an Austrian masterpiece:
Philipp Aduatz

British design: Dupenny  
Lovely, the "Make a Wish" Rings by Bettina Nissen

And what we of course didn´t miss was the one of the after show parties in Soho, ended up...boozy.


I am having my own homemade butter here in New York! Its 100% natural, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring - only the wholesome goodness of fresh pasteurized sweet cream.
To get at Wholefoods Market

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Catch some urban inspirations during your morning coffee...
West River Side in Manhattan: hung-over crowd snatching some sun

View to Manhatten from Staten Island
urban set design
Wall Street: Where looser become winner
Angelika Filmcenter New York in Soho
I have never experienced a movie, shot in New York, that closely...

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday´s cultural afternoon@MoMa (Kate´s Avenue Tip: every Friday from 4pm free admission) ended up with a posh aperitif@Salon de Ning rooftop bar in the luxurious Hotel Peninsula. Before ordering, the very first thing after the usual "How are you ladies?" was "May I have your credit card please?" Anyway, I was sitting in the midst of Manhattans' skyscrapers with 2 (the second was for the free ticket) glasses of wine. Sometimes you want to pay for emotions. And sometimes emotions are venal. After my 44$ drinks I decided to cancel dinner and take the M3 down 5th avenue to Greenwich...

Today´s springlike Saturday began with a walk through Soho to the opening of the Hester Street Market.

My absolute highlight of the day was at Morrison Hotel Gallery when I met Lynn Goldsmith there, guiding through the exhibition of her masterpieces and talking very personally about the shoots with Bob, Keith, Patti Smith, Debbie, Madonna, Bono...That was New York feeling pure. And sometimes you don´t have to pay for emotions. However, in both situations you have to be capable to release the emotions from inside your heart in the right moment...
 Thank you Lynn for the wonderful time!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Today I had my first Yoga Class in NYC! I signed on the renowned Jivamukti Yoga School. Except 'inhale and exhale' and didn´t really understand a lot but I exercised quite well...it was a typical "New York"-Class with blushing upside down positions. I definitely have to get a basic class for learning the headstand, crow, peacock...and some lessons in english zoology.

And for all mums on these earth I devote that lovely window, decorated at ABC, 881 Broadway in Manhattan! Some inspiration to bring spring time home that weekend, when the daughters and sons are making a visit that Sunday...
Double layered and accessorized with the sexy ear plugs HEAROS I will soon fall into a deep, warm and quiet sleep...

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Cultural feed: Ticket for the American Ballet Theater Opening Gala Spring 11 on 16th of May at the Metropolitan Opera House. First day of retrospective Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen at the Met Museum. Stars&stories around the opening hyped the event, fulminated by the reveal of the princess wedding dress last Friday (incredible but true that lots of americans were watching the ceremony at 4 am local time and were doing home office that day)...everything perfectly staged. So is the exhibition: best mise-en-scène I have ever seen. Interior installation started in January and took 4 month.
Although its really cold and rainy I am having a cozy day...after the Met I had coffee with an lovely austrian lady living on 5th avenue on Upper East Side. The view from the balcony her apartment is amazing. The answers I get why I am here are clear...

My day will end with a dinner in my apartment. Pierre Björk will cook for me and his girlfriend. I am already enjoying my aperitive...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Lovely evening walk to Pat, passed by Morrisonhotel Gallery and discovered Ideal Glass with its sensational graffiti facade.


To do´s this week:
Lynn Goldsmith talks to public during her exhibition - Sat, May 7th
Saint Hollywood @Ideal Glass, April 14-June 15, 8 pm

And now: Good night - with a great view out of my room on the lighted Empire State Building...