Sunday, May 22, 2011


After a too short night I decided to take advantage of the sunny morning, after 7 days constant rain in town, to make a "trip" to Brooklyn. Williamsburg is definitely over-hyped, its more like a construction oase for new apartments, between some basic vintage stores adorned by a kind of trashy arty crowd and of course weekend tourists, like me. Having been now entirely in Manhattan the past weeks I liked that subtle suburb feeling and the partial hilly streets.
NY´s Credo: Home Made. Everything you smell, eat, drink, touch...its simply home made: get a home made ice cream, self knitted lambs wool cabs, home made body lotion, home made pastries... Image the young arty new yorker sitting at home baking, knitting, cooking, harvesting - the new farmers of today! My dear grandparents, I spare you that!

Bakeri Brooklyn

...and true home made sweeties on East River facing the Manhatten skyline made my day!

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