Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday´s cultural afternoon@MoMa (Kate´s Avenue Tip: every Friday from 4pm free admission) ended up with a posh aperitif@Salon de Ning rooftop bar in the luxurious Hotel Peninsula. Before ordering, the very first thing after the usual "How are you ladies?" was "May I have your credit card please?" Anyway, I was sitting in the midst of Manhattans' skyscrapers with 2 (the second was for the free ticket) glasses of wine. Sometimes you want to pay for emotions. And sometimes emotions are venal. After my 44$ drinks I decided to cancel dinner and take the M3 down 5th avenue to Greenwich...

Today´s springlike Saturday began with a walk through Soho to the opening of the Hester Street Market.

My absolute highlight of the day was at Morrison Hotel Gallery when I met Lynn Goldsmith there, guiding through the exhibition of her masterpieces and talking very personally about the shoots with Bob, Keith, Patti Smith, Debbie, Madonna, Bono...That was New York feeling pure. And sometimes you don´t have to pay for emotions. However, in both situations you have to be capable to release the emotions from inside your heart in the right moment...
 Thank you Lynn for the wonderful time!

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