Monday, June 6, 2011


Started this Sunday morning with my weekly laundry and my 25 min "Manhattan Breakfast" at Amy´s Bread on Bleecker Street between the washing and drying run.
Amy´s Bread in the Village, 250 Bleecker Street
My favor for rooftops lead me into the temptation of checking out Le Bain at The Standard Hotel in Meatpacking. Although it was cloudy (a rooftop rule for tender European girls I have learned so far: never forget your jacket, its chilly up there in the sky...) I had a wonderful après midi enjoying aperol spritz with my sweet Austrian friend RED, you is making the best chocolate in town by the way.
Antidote Chocolate
Le Bain, Ete D´Amour Sundays Rooftop Club
Had to leave early today, but next time...Party time.

Tomorrow I am off to Miami, with my repaired Balenciaga Bikini. Second try in Miami and sunny regards to Song, which I will avoid for the rest of my life...even though I would be ready for my greatly desired Giant City Rose Gold Bag, I would rather shop online.

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