Thursday, July 28, 2011


I owe you my last report from New York. It was exciting than ever.

On my very last evening I was luckily invited by Kristin Petrovich, the founder of själ skincare, to her blogger lounge at the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel in Meatpacking. While tasting Cocktails and Sushi the NY blogger scene was pampered by skincare treatments, experiencing the precious textures enriched by eastern-western bio-osmotic energy through precious minerals and gemstones, like gold, silver, platinum, ruby, sapphire etc. Its definitely worth to try if you want for your skin a holistic luxury skin care, with only the most precious and the highest concentration of purest ingredients for a beautiful, clean and young skin. I am totally addicted to the pure, modern and pastel-colored packaging...My new bathroom, no idea where, but will love it. Not yet available in Austria but you can either shop online or in Germany.
Every morning and evening during daily beauty routine my new själ balance cleanser makes me look back on my wonderful very last night in, in my long orange Moroccan dress...

själ skincare

Unforgettable, my last dinner at the best (!) DINER in Brooklyn with my beloved German NY-friends, who will always be in my heart and made my stay just awesome.

Concluding, I am deeply happy about MY New York experience, where some of the cliches were proven true, some of them not at all.
Back home, no more rooftops, no more fancy gallery openings, no more 6th floor walk-up, no more morning coffee at Joe´s, no more ommmm at Jivamutki with Dechen Thurman, no more 20$ Sauvignon Blanc, no more kindness on the streets... BUT?