Sunday, November 4, 2012


This weekend I went to see "Savages" in an almost empty studio, the crowd storming into the latest Bond movie. Mexican drug cartel, cool-idyllic L.A. setting (Laguna Beach), dazzling all-star cast. Blake Lively turned into a modern beach-hippie girl. Back to reality: while we cant hide that winter is almost here, the shots tempt to dream of living somewhere on the beachside...
Apropos - and I totally fell in love with the iconic surf spray by Bumble & Bumble, a saltwater-based styling spray giving your hair texture, volume and that cool wind-styled feeling. And the best thing about it is: its available in Vienna, exclusively at Hair-Wolf.

Blake Lively in “Savages”/Universal Pictures

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  1. I got mine a few days ago! LOVE IT! Bought the small bottle and thanks to you I know where I get it in Vienna! X