Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Though it seems having disappeared the past days I was literally "on the avenue" day and night. Had an exciting girls week in the city. It started with a Cosmopolitan at the Soho House in Meatpacking and ended up yesterday with a sunny Sunday walk on the High Line where we saw Lizzy Jagger checking out at The Standard Hotel at noon.
The Soho House, Meatpacking District, Manhattan
The High Line, view from The Stardard Hotel.

In New York I was healed from my weekly Monday blues ("I don´t like Mondays" follows and accompanies me since my very first day at school). Heading to the Apple Store this afternoon I passed a line of hip-hop guys along two blocks at least, all lining up at the Adidas Original Store. Me in my pale legs awaiting within the bold NY street style crowd, rapping on the street and awaiting for "a famous US rapper from Def Jam signing autographs", so the security guys advice...
Who is that guy?
Big Sean in the Big Apple, celebrating the upcoming release of his debut album!
Live street rap
Afterwards I enjoyed the evening sun by having a refreshing Chardonnay at Jimmy, the pool rooftop of the James Hotel.
Jimmy @ The James Hotel in SoHo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When I left Miami on my girls trip in February this year, I would never ever have thought being there that soon again. Even though my journey to NY started kind of there...
Enjoyed the sun too much yesterday, now I have the back and legs of a lobster. Awful. Unfortunately have to skip the beach and the sun today. Hence, I will spend the day under the shadow entirely coated sipping an iced latte...You have to make the best out of it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The rooftop season started in NY. Yesterday I had the chance to see the NY Premiere of The Dish and the Spoon at Rooftop Films. It was a very intimate story, emotional, true, intense with the touch of the lightness of a magical dream. The setting, a seaside town in winter, sad but charming. The character and their performance (Greta Gerwig and newcomer Ollie Alexander) real and extraordinary brilliant.
Director Alison Bagnall and indie starlet Greta Gerwig were there in person for a Q&A after the show.

The open air screening on that graffiti rooftop on Lower East Side in Manhattan was just magical on that chilly Friday night...

Actress Greta Gerwig, Filmmaker Alison Bagnall, AD & Founder of Rooftop Films Mark Elijah Rosenberg